Our Beer is not only made by local products but made by locals themselves. 

Leduc Brewing Company has been a dream of ours for sometime and we are, lets say, a little more than excited to share it with you! Our Brewery has the ability to produce up to 200 hectoliters per month. We have a state of the art system and a passionate team that have a love for good tasting beer and sharing it with others.  We hope to share our love for beer and bringing Leducians and surrounding communities together to make Leduc Brewing Company a cornerstone for people to meet, connect and enjoy! 

Our Team

Eric Schrader  

Beer Captain 

The man with the plan, all things beer lover and business operator. His desire for a good time with a beer in hand brought the LBC from fantasy to realty. 

Fun Fact:

Before slinging beers, Eric made the most of his film degree and used to hang from helicopters.

Dave Holowaty 


This guy not only lives beer but he brings beer to life. Don't believe us? Come on in and see what he is brewing next. 

Fun Fact:

Dave believes his destiny was to sail the seven seas dressed as a Viking, bringing his metal-headedness to the four corners of the world via epic shreds from his beloved flying V’s. 

Rob Allison


This fella knows his way around a can and than some. From tasty lagers to the sourest of sours, he knows how to put the flavors in your hand. 

Fun Fact:

Rob is aspiring to be the new local "Robin Hood" due to his recently acquired skills in archery.

Michelle Schwengler


This lady has had a relationship or two with a paintbrush. Her primary and secondary palette are all things that taste and look good. 

Fun Fact:

Michelle has been to over 35 different countries and is aiming to hit all of them! 

Eli Schrader

Office Duty

This lad likes paper work almost as much as beer likes hops. If you need to print a document with letter head or finish those pesky TPS reports, he is your guy. 

Fun Fact:

Eli's alter ego is Bruce Wayne, but don't tell anyone... 

Rayann Fleming

Canning Machine 

This chick can put almost anything in a can. Luckily for you her favorite thing to do is put a tasty beverage in one for you to enjoy. 

Fun Fact:

When not canning liquid gold, Rayann is also studying to become a herbalist.